Florida Beach Budget Vacation Ideas

Florida Beach is one of the most well loved vacation spots in the United States. If you think going here would cost you a fortune, then you are wrong! Why?—because you can still have a superb vacation here even if you’re on a tight budget!

Yes, that’s possible even with the ever growing inflation nowadays. So, if you want to know how, here are some ideas on how you can have a budget vacation in Florida Beach.

Budget Vacation Idea Number One

You can try visiting Honeymoon Island Beach, which is in Honeymoon Island State Park. You can find this park on the Gulf coast of Florida just within distance of Tarpon Springs. This beach is quite popular for families. It’s not that crowded, and is quite clean. The good thing here is that it is reasonably priced. Plus it has a wholesome family environment so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids running off with little supervision.

Its pristine sand offers you a variety of shells to collect. You can also spot some dolphins from the shore. The warm waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

You may also want to visit the Rotary Centennial Nature Center that has an observation deck that gives you a wonderful view of the St. Joseph Sound and Gulf of Mexico Ocean. You and your family could also explore nature by walking in nature trails of the park. You can also go to the various bird observation areas to view different kinds of shorebirds. All in all, Honeymoon Island Beach is one excellent way for you to have an inexpensive Florida Beach vacation for the whole family.

Budget Vacation Idea Number Two

You can also visit Hutchison Island that offers you twenty-two miles of Central Florida East Coast’s best beaches. This island is considered to be a quiet getaway where beaches are family friendly and safe especially for small children.

One of the most popular spots here would be outdoor hot tub. It is a shallow and calm area, which is created by natural coral reef. It is a known spot in which kids could safely play and wade in the water.

One unique activity that this island can offer is horseback riding on its beach. There area also has three artificial reefs that have underwater ships wrecks, which are quite popular as snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Additionally, you can visit the nearby Florida Oceanographic Society. This center can offer you the experience of petting and feeding stingrays. You can also hike down the Indian River Lagoon while you watch fish feed.

Budget Vacation Idea Number Three

Another option for a budget Florida Beach experience would be John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. This 251 acre barrier island situated near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida offers an affordable family vacation with lots of activities to engage in. You can find 2 convenient boat ramps and waters that are perfect for canoeing and observing beautiful varied wildlife and sceneries.

If you’ll be renting a boat, you can choose from a variety of paddle boats, kayaks, or sailboats. You also have a stretch of beach running for 2.5 miles that is clean and great for swimming. If you’re into fishing, then you may want to visit the park’s north end where you can find a good fishing spot. You can also choose to take a trail and have a self-guided walk around the park’s subtropical coastal environment.

Getting From The Barcelona Airport Is Easy

‘El Prat,’ Barcelona’s Airport, is one of the best ways to enter the fascinating Iberian Peninsula. El Prat is just 15 kilometers outside the city center on the C-246 freeway heading towards the beach town of Castadefells. Nowadays, Barcelona is not just a summer holiday destination or hotel airport international. You can find all your travel needs taken care of with great package deals almost all year round. More and more flights can be found giving you the best deals in and out of Spain. You can travel by rental car, taxi, train, bus, or with a driver to get to and from the airport. Here’s a closer look at how to get back and forth from Barca to El Prat.

– Car Rental

If you are going to be in Barcelona for a long or short trip, a rental car could be the way to go. If you are just hear for a short trip, mostly likely for business reasons, then a car hire would be a great way to get to town fast and get around quickly. You can take advantage of your short stay by your quick transport. You can also travel out of town quickly and easily with a car hire at your disposal. If you are in Barcelona for an extended stay with your family or friends, then a rental car is totally worth it.

– Taxi

If you don’t want to rent a car, but need to get from the airport to town fast then a taxi is a good option. You can sit back and relax in your 15-minute taxi ride into the city. You can catch a taxi at Terminal A, B, or C. Expect to pay about 16 Euros to get to Plaza Catalunya in the center of the city. If you are heading towards Sagrada Familia expect to pay about 19 Euros. There is an additional charge of .90 for each piece of luggage.

– Train

If you want to test out the train system then look for the signs inside the terminal that point you to the train. You will see signs that show trains going to Mataro Line, Sant station, Plaza Catalunya, and to Arc de Triomf. Trains run from about 6:00 a.m. until about 11 p.m.

– Bus

Another easy option is the airport bus called the, Aerobus, that takes you from terminals A, B, and C all the way to Plaza Catalunya. You can’t miss the big blue buses right outside the terminals. They leave every 8 minutes and it costs 3.75 Euro to board the bus. You don’t need a ticket ahead of time and the driver has plenty of change.

– Private Transfers

These are a great option if you are honeymooning or just like to have total comfort when traveling. There is a minibus service that can carry about 13 people or there is also a Mercedes for up to 3 people. The minimum service is for four hours and you can even hire them to take you around outlying areas with or without an English-speaking guide.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Planning for a trip world wide? Looking out for an insurance to protect your travel and make your experience a memorable one? The cheapest rate in a policy will hold no meaning if it doesn’t properly cover your overseas travel needs. Choose a company that does not cut on the insurance cover but on the cost of insurance. They should provide you with round the clock emergency assistance as well as cover you for activities and sports you are interested in. Get started with your skiing, snowboarding or bungee jumping, experience the best vacation ever. Do not forget to get an insurance cover of worldwide travel insurance.

Seek provisions for extending your overseas stay. Online option makes it convenient to you if you decide to extend your overseas stay, the holiday insurance should be chosen to protect your holiday. After all every one hopes that we won’t need the insurance but it is always best to have it. When you are in a foreign country and something goes wrong whether it is a stolen wallet or lost passport you really do not want to go alone. This is precisely why one opts for worldwide travel insurance for all overseas travel.

Medical cover: you can be covered for any medical assistance or hospitalization charges. While you are on a world tour then the mounting medical bills might cost you the earth and leave you penniless.

Concerns about your personal baggage, protect it from any kind of stealth or damage to your personal belongings. You, as a globe trotter could possibly be having such worries and may be on the lookout of a way out of this. It could be the fear of theft of cash and other ensuing problems.

You plan your trip and relax let your best travel insurance agent do the rest. You are going to be really relieved to have the insurance guy deal with things and see you have the funds etc to carry on with your trip and not have it ruined by some unforeseen problem. Your policy should be flexible enough as well as accommodate for any value that you might add during your holidays while making purchases. Independent insurance companies offer the cheapest source of obtaining cheap worldwide holiday insurance that provide for senior travelers, winter sports and globe trekkers low cost insurance.

Air Travel Rules: Are They Different For Those With a Disability?

When planning to take a trip, by way of airplane, there are a number of different factors that you should consider. One of those factors includes whether or not you have a disability. Even if you do not have a disability, you also need to be prepared if you are traveling with someone else who has one. This preparation does not just include packing your bags for your trip, but it is also includes familiarizing yourself with air travel rules. Although most of the rules are the same, you will find that some rules differ for those who have a medical condition or a disability.

The first step in preparing for a trip with someone who is disabled, whether that person be yourself or another traveler, is to alert the airline. When making your reservation, you may want to inform the airline staff of any disability or medical condition that you may have. Although this is not necessary, it may be a good idea, especially if you will be traveling with medical equipment. Extra accommodations will need to be made for those who are traveling, past airport security checkpoints, with wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Learning what you will need to do with these items, ahead of time, is a great way to make your travel plans run as smoothly as possible.

It is also a good idea to famialrize yourself with the airport screening process. All individuals will need to go through medical detectors. If you or someone who you know is traveling with medical equipment that will set off the alarms, it is likely that they will be pulled aside for additional screening. This screening should only take a few minutes, but it will be done by a trained professional who will show compassion when dealing with those with a disability.

Unlike most other air travelers, who at this time are required to remove their shoes, those with a disability can leave their shoes on if they choose to do so. However, it is important to note that you may be subject to additional screening. To prevent this additional screening from occurring, you are advised to remove your shoes, if at all possible. In the event that you are unable to, it will not be a big ordeal. In fact, the additional screening often requires a quick swipe of a metal detector wand.

In addition to those with a disability, most airports have made special arrangements and exceptions for those who have a medical condition, especially one that requires medication at a specific time. You are allowed to keep your medication with you, in your carryon luggage,industrial floor scrubber, but you are advised to keep the dosages in small amounts. Due to the current ban on liquids, you are advised to have the proper medical identification. This means that you should keep your medication in the original package, especially if your name is on it. To be allowed through to the next checkpoint, your name will have to match the name of the prescription bottle. If it does not, there is a chance that you will have your medication confiscated.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind you or your traveling partners, who may have a medical condition or a disability, should easily be able to make it to your intended destination. In the event that you are unsure about a particular screening procedure or if you have any other questions, you are advised to contact the airline in which you will be flying on or the airport that you will be leaving from, before your arrive there. Planning ahead is the best way to make your next flight a memorable and hassle-free experience.


Exploring The Diverse Supply Of Hotels In The Caribbean


The Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) was formed in 1959, as a committeee of the Caribbean Tourist Association.  It was intended to promote the Caribbean region, and became an autonomous body in 1962.  The Caribbean Hotel Association focused on the tourism market and aspects such as the airlines controlled access, hotel reps controlling communication with travel agencies, and wholesalers which controlled traffic and payments.  At that stage, the hotels themselves were not a part of the Association’s operations.

Eventually, it was realized that in order to fix any problems, the entire Caribbean hospitality industry would have to work together, and hence the Caribbean Hotel Association   developed and implemented several programs over the years.

Caribbean hotels offer acommodations that suit all tastes and budgets.  They offer everything from inns and guesthouses to private villas and luxury resorts.  Families have the option of self catering, or full service hotels that offer special meals, programs and activities targetted towards children.  There are also resorts that cater towards singles interested in meeting other singles, and small quiet resorts for those seeking solitude, relaxation, peace and serenity.

Another growing trend is eco-tourism, with environmentally friendly resorts springing up throughout the Caribbean.  Another grat option are the all-inclusive resorts, where you pay once and forget it.  These are high-service activity filled vacation ersorts with something for everyone, from mom and dad, to grandma to baby Jill.  Then there are resorts with a  thriving nightlife, where you can party until you drop!

The high season in the Caribbean is December through to April, where the weather is at its best with little to no chance of rain.  Prices during this time period are much higher, and it can be difficult to find accommodation unless you book well in advance.  There is no time like the present, so if a caribbean vacation is in your future plans, the best time to book your cheap hostels reservation is now!  Get ready to add some spice to your life.  Your piece of paradise awaits!

Some Very Good Reasons For Staying At The Tugu Bali Hotel

The Top Bali Luxury hotel is situated right on a broad beach on the south west side of Bali, and it is called The Tugu Bali Hotel.

This is very definitely the most romantic hotel in Bali with only 22 rooms, and each decorated with priceless antiques and pictures. In fact wherever you turn in the Tugu Bali Hotel, this is not cheap hotel near me, you will see artifacts lovingly collected over many years by the owner. Don’t for one second think that the hotel is in any way out of date, in fact you will find the Tugu has a huge reputation for service, luxury and romance and exceptional hospitality too.

A love of fine art, and a planned wedding, means you need the perfect luxury hotel for the most romantic honeymoon you could possibly have here in Bali, and the Tugu Bali Hotel can and will certainly supply that, and more.

You will find that the Tugu is a wonderful romantic refuge from the outside world, and because it is a little out of the way, the staff who will treat you like royalty go more than out of their way to ensure you don’t have any need to leave. This starts at the international airport at Denpasar where you are picked up and given refreshments during the thirty minute ride, which will then be repeated as you complete the formalities in the beautiful open air reception area.

Looking around you will immediately realize that the Tugu Bali Hotel is not only a luxury hotel in Bali, it is also going to be one of the best experiences of your life, and so romantic if it is your Bali honeymoon, then you couldn’t have chosen better. All the cobble stone paths, the gardens, the Balinese and Javaneses antiques, and the altars make you feel as if you are in a friend’s home and not one of the top luxury hotels in Bali.

It is the personal attention to detail that makes a good hotel into a great one, and the staff here are unobtrusive, know your name, nothing is too much trouble, and wishes are turned quickly into reality, without having to continually sign chits because the staff know who you are.

If you are able to, then stay in one of the suites with the private plunge pool, the courtyard with the huge outdoor bath tub is fantastic, and you could spend some hours in that alone!! It is like being able to step for a few days into a magical world, you’ll almost have to pinch yourself.

The food at the Tugu Bali Hotel is uniformly excellent, and if you get the opportunity take part in the cooking class and the market visit. The cooking class takes place in what is like a film set with a reconstruction of a street kitchen. This one on one lesson is something you’ll never forget especially as you then get to eat it!!

Another experience not to be missed is dusk on the beach at Tugu, where you can watch the sunset over the sea whilst eating a romantic grilled seafood dinner, cooked right in front of you. In fact you can eat wherever you want and this includes the 18th century temple in the grounds, and food is genuine Balinese

Altogether the Tugu Hotel Bali is an oasis, unique in that it is so tranquil in an increasingly hectic world.

Go there especially for your Bali Honeymoon or just to recharge your batteries.

A Guide To Accommodation In South Africa

Accommodation In South Africa

When traveling these days accommodation is not just a place to sleep for the night. There are many types to choose from and South Africa offers a vast range of accommodation options.

One of the most unique places to spend a night is at a ‘game lodge’ which can be anything from a basic ‘rondawel’ (round building with thatch roof) to a superbly appointed luxury suite. A game lodge is generally situated in a wildlife reserve or national park with close proximity to game viewing.

With a little homework you can enjoy exceptional value for money in some of South Africa’s prime game reserves and national parks. Visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve that borders the famous Kruger National Park. This ‘Big 5’ game reserve offers some of the best game viewing available anywhere on the continent and is associated with very expenses luxury lodges. With a little research you’ll find gems like Elephant Plains Game Lodge and Notten’s Bush Camp, both offering great family offers as well as privacy and luxury at affordable rates.

Another amazing experience is found in a KwaZulu Natal game reserve called Phinda. It is one of the most fascinating regions in South Africa combining 7 distinctly different habitats that shelters an abundance of wildlife including Africa’s Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo). The reserve has some of the most exclusive accommodation options, but it also offers an affordable experience not to be missed – a walking safari where you stay in spacious safari tents with ensuite bathrooms (flush w.c. & hot water!). It is one of the best ways to experience Africa and doesn’t break the bank.

Ever stayed on a farm where the cows get milked in the morning and the rooster wakes you up to the smell of freshly baked bread and fresh coffee? South Africa offers exceptional accommodation known as farm stays where you enjoy life on a working farm. It is a great option as part of a road trip or a family holiday. The kids love the outdoors and enjoy the farm lifestyle, be it only for a day or two. It is an affordable way to see South Africa and to experience some local culture and cuisine. These ‘farm stays’ are found all over South Africa from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Great Karoo as well as the popular Garden Route and Winelands of the Western Cape.

Beach accommodation South Africa offers anything from relaxed and comfortable to luxury and exclusivity – the choice is yours. A good place to find accommodation close to the beach is renting a beach cottage. South Africa’s coastline offers incredible diversity from remote villages to popular seaside town and city beaches. It is advised to book way in advance as these beach cottages fill up fast especially over the holiday seasons of April & December/January.

The ‘old faithful’ B&B (bed & breakfast) accommodation is still an all time favorite with more and more business travelers making use of this versatile and affordable option. It’s high levels of customer service makes bed and breakfasts an excellent choice. More and more B&B owners cater for the sophisticated traveler that needs a reliable, affordable accommodation option. A new trend in the B&B circles is a ‘boutique’ feel with hip decorations and modern furnishings. This trend is blending studio living, boutique hotels and the B&B lifestyle to offer great options for both casual and business travelers.

Nowadays accommodation is more than just a bed and a place to have a meal. It’s about what you feel like and how much you want to pay to experience it. The choice is there, just do a little homework and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Chinese Visa – 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

In order to facilitate the international visitors’ short stay in China, 72-Hour Visa Free Transit policy is carried out in more and more cities. At present, eighteen cities adopt this policy. This policy allows transit passengers with passport of 51 countries to stay for up to 72 hours without a visa on direct transit.

 Cities Enjoying the Policy

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin, Shenyang, Dalian, Xian, Guilin, Kunming, Wuhan, Xiamen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Qingdao, Changsha and Hangzhou

Areas Allowed to Stay

 Passengers transiting in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, or Changsha are allowed to travel in the whole province.

 Passengers transiting in Beijing, Chongqing, Harbin, Guilin, Kunming, Wuhan, Xiamen, or Tianjin cannot leave the administrative area of the transit city.

 Passengers transiting in Shanghai, Zhejiang, or Jiangsu can move around the three places.

 Passengers stopping over in Dalian or Shenyang can travel in these two cities.

 Passengers transiting in Xian Xianyang Airport are permitted to travel in the administrative areas of Xian and Xianyang.

Qualified Countries

24 Schengen Agreement Countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

13 Other European Countries: Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania

6 American Countries: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile

2 Oceania Countries: Australia, New Zealand

6 Asian Countries: Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar

Conditions for Application

1. The confirmed seat onward ticket and valid visa to a third country or region (if required) are needed for entry. Based on the latest information, the 72 hours starts from 00:00 the day following the entry date in almost all the airports. For example, if an air passenger arrives in Guangzhou at 08:00 on June 2nd, then the latest time for him to leave is 23:59 on June 5. In this case, the actual stopover time is more than 72 hours. However, to play on the safe side, passengers are recommended to be more conservative and not to exceed the “strict 72 hours” which counts from the flights’ scheduled arrival time to the departure time.

2. The flights can only stop in one Chinese city, meaning passengers have to enter and exit from the same city, except in Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, where the 144-hour visa-free transit has been implemented. For instance, if a flight lands in Xian via Beijing, passengers are not able to enjoy the policy. In addition, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are regarded as a third region in terms of transit issues. If a flight passes USA – Beijing – Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan, passengers are able to enjoy.

3. Only use flights to transfer in China. Passengers using other vehicles (including using flight for single trip) are not eligible to enjoy the policy.

4. Passengers are required to leave from the same airport that they arrive, except in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, where they can enter or leave from any port in Shanghai, Nanjing Lukou Airport, or Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

Documents for Application

 Valid passport
 Visa for a third country or region
 A full completed Arrival/Departure Card (including name, nationality, passport no., visa no. & issuance place, flight no., purpose of visit, date of birth, gender)
 An onward ticket with confirmed seat are needed

Inform the airlines when boarding – Fill an Arrival/Departure Card on the flight – Apply the 72-hour permit – Claim the luggage – Go through the custom – Leave airport


1. It is necessary to inform the airline at check-in, so that they can declare your request to the airport custom before landing. Passengers transiting via Beijing Capital International Airport can apply for this free transit permit after arrival.

2. There is a special counter/lane for the 72-hour free transit at the immigration, so passengers can go there directly by following the signs. For example, the immigration channels 2 to 4 are for 72-hour free transit passengers in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

3. After the request to enjoy the 72-hour free transit is approved, the officer will stamp a stay permit on your passport. The duration of stay is written on the passport. Remember to tell the officer that one wants to use the 72-hour free transit if he/she already has a valid visa for China.

4. After leaving the airport, remember to register at local police station within 24 hours of arrival if one wants to stay over 24 hours. Those who live with family or friends need to go to register in person at the police station with relatives or friends. Those who live in hotels do not need to go, because the hotels will do it for the guests.

5. If visitors are unable to depart on time due to unavoidable reasons, such as flight cancellation or treatment of sudden disease, they need to apply for a visa from Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB). Otherwise, tourists cannot apply for an extension of stay.

Difference between 72-hour Free Transit and Direct Transit

Direct Transit within 24 hours is available for any nationality passenger and it is applicable to any vehicle, while the 72-hour Free Transit is only possible for passengers from 51 countries and requires to transit in the airport.

 Other Services for Free Transit

There are service centers for transit passengers in the terminals, offering rest places with drinking water and reading materials if they do not want to leave the airport. For visa-free transit passengers, the airports also provide services for currency exchange, mobile phone rental, car rental, left luggage, as well as local souvenir shops. Tour buses are available from the terminals for the convenience of tourists.

 From January 30th, 2016, passengers transiting in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang can stay for up to 144 hours. During the layover, they can move around the three places. In addition, the transit ports in Shanghai are not limited to airports, meaning that passengers arriving or leaving via train stations or ferry ports can also enjoy this policy.